Charter School Authorizers: An Overview
Minnesota charter schools are required by the Minnesota Department of Education to work with a commissioner-approved authorizer, a third-party organization that:

  • Provides oversight of charter schools in the areas of academic, operational and financial performance
  • Evaluates the academic, operational and financial performance of charter schools in its portfolio
  • Determines the terms for charter school contract renewals
  • Reviews proposed changes to charter schools in its portfolio, such as site and grade expansions, site changes, the addition of early learning programs and more (MN Department of Education)

North Metro Flex Academy’s Authorizer: Novation Education Opportunities
Novation Education Opportunities (NEO) serves as North Metro Flex Academy’s authorizer. The organization is located in Eagan, MN and provides academic, operational and fiscal guidance to nearly 30 schools throughout the state of Minnesota.

  • NEO’s mission is to authorize and oversee charter schools through consistent, ongoing and robust evaluation to achieve significant and measurable student growth.
  • The organization’s vision is to be a leading authorizer of innovative, diverse and effective charter schools.

We are proud to be working with such a strong organization.

Novation Education Opportunities
3432 Denmark Ave, Ste. 130
Eagan, MN 55123