Why should families send their kids to NMFA?

– Diversity 
– Strong relationships
– Dedicated/Experienced Staff 
– Strong Leadership 
– After School Clubs  

What do you do with behavior problems?

We have a school wide positive intervention system, and a behavior specialist.

Are there small class sizes?

NMFA features a small student to staff ratio of 12:1

What are your specialist classes?

 Physical Education, Art and Music.

Do you have after school programs?


Does NMFA have an enrichment program?

Destination Imagination.

How does the school challenge students?

We provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of every individual student. This includes meeting one on one with students, providing students with leveled texts, individualized feedback, small group instruction, and opportunities to be motivated and challenged.

Why should families send their kids to NMFA?

Families should send their kids to NMFA because of the loving and supportive environment. All staff care about each and every one of the students who walk into the building. We put mental health first and we do whatever we can to make each child feel welcomed and loved.

Why do we wear uniforms?

It puts everyone at the same level as well as promotes a calm learning environment.

What kind of technology is used at your school?

Every classroom has a interactive projection screen system,  Chromebooks are used in every classroom, Computer Lab available for classroom/grade level assessments and online projects,  online programs and Google Classroom are integrated to support math and reading (IXL, Lexia,  Reflex, Think Central)

Is it year round?

We have an Extended School Year and summer enrichment academy.