Mission and Vision

Our Mission
North Metro Flex Academy’s mission is to prepare a diverse community of elementary and middle school students to be successful in high school, college and in their chosen vocation through a flexible, individualized learning experience that develops analytical, compassionate, disciplined and self-directed learners.

Our Vision
North Metro Flex Academy’s vision is to be a high-performing and innovative school that produces students capable of exemplary levels of higher order thinking and achievement, as well as students prepared for high school and any post-secondary opportunity they pursue.

Three students doing class work on laptops
Three boys linking arms smiling for the camera

Our History
North Metro Flex Academy opened in the Fall of 2016 as a K-4 school with 170 students in attendance. The school has since expanded to include 5th grade in 2017, sixth grade in 2018, seventh grade in 2019 and 8th grade in 2020. Our school is very diverse, including a rich blend of students from different cultures, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our staff reflects the makeup of our student population, and includes members of the Latino, East African, and African American communities. We are now in the process of forming committees, engaging stakeholders, and enriching our academic and extra-curricular activities to better serve our community of learners.

The 2020-2021 School Year
This past school year was full of challenges, as COVID-19 came upon us with full force and instigated changes in the delivery of academics as we knew it. We went from a full state-wide shutdown and distance learning Spring of 2020. We opened in the Fall of 2020 with students in a Hybrid Learning model (two half days a week) and some students remaining in the Distance Learning Model. By December of 2020, our entire school pivoted again to a Full Distance Learning Model until February 2021. Since February of 2021, most of our students have been back on site, 5 days a week. We also have about 45 students who have decided to stay in the Distance Learning model. NMFA staff, students and families rose to the challenge by being flexible, patient, creative, and resilient.