Programs and Services

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Two teachers and 8 students outside making tie-dyed shirts

Character Strong
NMFA uses Character Strong school wide as our social and emotional learning curriculum. Learn more about the program here: Character Strong

Bullying Prevention:
Our Second Step Program is dedicated to fostering the safety and well- being of children, and bullying prevention is a key aspect of its mission. Research shows that feeling unsafe at school affects a student’s ability to learn, focus, and take academic risks. With safety and student success on the line, we’ve been consistent and unwavering in our work to prevent bullying. Our Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit is taught in conjunction with the Second Step Program in classrooms across the country.

Special Education:
At North Metro Flex Academy there are currently 56 students who receive special education services. These include students who receive services for speech, occupational therapy, developmental adaptive physical education, emotional behavior disorders, specific learning disabilities, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, and other health disabilities. Our special education team is a group of dedicated, compassionate, and experienced teachers who strive to provide the best education to all students with disabilities.

English language Learners (ELL):
Our program is developed to improve access to state core content standards. It improves the ability to comprehend, speak and write English in traditional academic form.

Title I Reading and Math:
The goal of the Title I Reading and Math Program is to accelerate the learning of students who are achieving below grade level in one or both areas. The teachers work to determine students’ current understanding in math and reading.  The assessments the teachers administer are utilized to inform the teachers’ instruction.  The Title I teachers incorporate knowledge about their students’ current understandings into their lesson planning and teaching.

Besides small group instruction in Title I we also incorporate computer programs STAR 360 and Freckle Math.  Each of these are helpful tools to facilitate and differentiate students learning at their own individual level and also to monitor their progress throughout the school year.