Where you’re challenged…and belong.

Three 4th grade girls in dresses crouched down talking to a kindergartner
Kindergarten class photo on the playground

North Metro Flex Academy is school where students are challenged in a nurturing environment and building relationships are just as important as academic growth. During the COVID 19 pandemic, our students and teachers have met the challenge head on. The strong bonds that our teachers create with students has helped increase student engagement during the last 18 months. Our school has done our best to not only help meet the needs of our families, but to provide the most individualized education for our students that we can.

  • Genuine, compassionate and caring teachers, staff and administration who, simply put, love working with children.
  • A strong core course curriculum that ensures each student’s learning of language arts, math and science standards.
  • A well-rounded educational experience that provides our students with regular exposure to the music, literature and the arts as well as physical education.
  • Focusing on the future. Every aspect of a NMFA education is designed to set our students on a path towards an enriching college experience and/or successful career.
  • Developing strong interpersonal communication skills. Through inspiring a love for literature, we help students develop vital communication skills.

I think you should go to North Metro Flex Academy because you can make good friends and have good teachers. Also, you can have fun at the playground, and you would have good lunches. Also our school has a good gym.

Larry Brown – student

What Makes Us Unique?

Small student to staff ratio
NMFA features a small student to staff ratio of 12:1

Student safety is a top priority
The safety and well-being of all students is a top priority.

Parents should send their kids to our school because of the inclusive and caring staff. Teachers go above and beyond for their students and care for them in school as well as at home. We have a diverse community and we are able to provide and recognize all cultures and traditions. We have a small community which enables us to provide close relationships with both students and family.

Personalized Learning
Our approach to learning inspires and empowers each student by fostering meaningful relationships, maintaining high expectations, promoting continuous growth and providing authentic opportunities for engagement.

Highly Qualified Staff
We attract, develop and retain some of the most talented professionals in the area. All of our teachers are fully qualified for their positions. Our teachers are passionate about supporting each unique student and helping him or her succeed.

Empowering Curriculum
Our curriculum is focused on building a strong foundation in core subjects areas while also promoting critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication across all learning.

Academic Opportunities
Learners thrive best in an environment that challenges and nurtures individuals, foster mutual respect and celebrates diversity. We strive to meet the unique educational needs of every student who walks through our doors. We offer a variety of outstanding academic opportunities for all students at different levels. Our students, staff, parents and community members are partners in working toward education excellence.

Family Involvement
We believe family involvement is one of the primary keys to success. We partner with parents to enhance the educational environment for all of our students. Parents are welcome and invited.

NMFA Awards:

  • Novation Educational Opportunities (NEO) 2020 High Quality Charter School Award 
  • Pennies for Patients 2017 – In appreciation to North Metro Flex Academy $1,764.21
  • School Choice Leadership Award 2019 – In recognition to tireless dedication toward providing all children with access to effective education options and for participation in Nation School Choice Week 2019.