Elizabeth Bercaw

She is the ESL Teacher at North Metro Flex Academy, devoting her life to the improvement of human wellbeing, present and future, developed through linguistic and cultural access to American life. Core curriculum is set by a state’s board of experts, providing general subject skills, reflective of future career and independence tasks, thinking capabilities and social health. It is a shared experience that promotes faith in life, self and citizenship.

Born in Puyallup, Washington, she attended Moorhead State University, taught Art for 9 years, married and had a family. At St. Mary’s University of Minneapolis, she pursued a degree in English as a Second Language, having remembered her father’s example, giving support to oppressed or neglected peoples. Liz did practice-teaching in Spain, learning some of the phases of adjustment to a new language.

She continues to learn new and better ways to help dual language speakers acquire and retain new academic language. She hopes to assist students to become adept and active in observing, practicing and applying new language, according to subject.