Jesse Schonfeld

-It Director, North Metro Flex Academy
-Owner, Reboot Systems and Umbrella Systems

I have been with North Metro Flex since they opened.  Starting as the on site IT support, and eventually taking over the IT support in its entirety.  Since then, my company has expanded to other schools in the Metro area and, while we continue to grow, NMFA remains a home to me.

I have over 20 years of in the field IT experience.  I hold both a BA in Network Technology, and an AAS in Graphic Design.  Graduating both Magna Cum and Summa Cum Laude respectively.  In addition to my work at NMFA, I own and operate Reboot Systems LLC.  My company has partnered on projects with such fortune 500 companies as; Wells Fargo, Target, Best Buy, Bank of America, Taco Bell, and many others.

I hold certifications in A+, MCSA, Network+, HME, CCENT, and a variety of others.

A Philadelphia native, my son and I have been calling Minnesota home for the last 12 years.  When I’m not behind a computer screen, I can be found binge watching Netflix, cheering for my Eagles, or being dragged on an adventure with my significant other (traveling there by motorcycle during the too short summer).